The Breathing Brush: video case

The Breathing Brush is an instructional video by Tomoko Kodama, noted sumi-é and calligraphy artist. Recently awarded the Japanese Foreign Ministry's Award for her non-traditional approach to teaching the art of the oriental brush to non-Japanese students, Tomoko Kodama has earned acclaim as an artist and teacher in Canada and Japan.

Available in English, French (Le pinceau qui respire) or Japanese, the video introduces this revolutionary technique for teaching oriental inkbrush art to everybody.

First introduced in her book Oriental Calligraphy and Painting, the 3Bs: Body, Breath, and Brush, the physical co-ordination of breath and brush movements is explored in the video. The unique works of many students demonstrate the dynamic and elegant brushstrokes resulting from Kodama's method. Anyone can bring more creativity and originality to their work

The tape costs only $C20, plus shipping and handling. For more information, contact Tomoko Kodama. For information, or to order the Japanese video, please e-mail . Service is available in Japanese.

Ms Kodama would like to thank the composer Mike Yates for creating the theme music for The Breathing Brush video. Mr. Yates has recently released a CD, samples from which can be heard on his web site.