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The Master File for this research is the "Butler Family Tree" on Ancestry.co.uk     It can be accessed at: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/5219221
The tree includes source documentation and images.

A backup is maintained on a PC using Family Tree Maker 2017.    It was used to prepare the following GEDCOM file and reports.

There is another copy of the tree at: http://sites.rootsmagic.com/REButler/index.php   This copy includes all the people, a pedigree chart, family group sheets and some of the sources.    It does not include most of the images.

Family Histories

Butler Family Tree Butler Family Tree GEDCOM File (Zipped) 24 Nov, 2013
Butler John Butler and Martha Cooke Descendant Report 01 July, 2012
Bygott  ........... John Bygott and Elizabeth Wilson Descendant Report 24 Nov, 2013
Cannon The Descendants of William Cannon and Margaret King
Dammarell The History of Dammarell Families on PEI
Dammarell Thomas Dammarell and Elizabeth Wills Descendant Report 30 June, 2012
Knapton  ......... Alexander Knapton and Elizabeth Jerritt Descendant Report 30 June, 2012
von König   Ludwig von König Descendant Report.pdf
von König   Mathias König - Stempelschneider in Austria
von König   König Family - Stempelschneider in Austria
Larter  ......... The Descendants of John Larter and Charlotte Maude Clow
McAllister McAllisters of Eardley & Hull Parts I & II Overview
McAllister McAllisters of Eardley & Hull Part III Connections to Benedicts & Stewarts
McAllister McAllisters of Eardley & Hull Part IV Locations
McAllister McAllisters of Eardley & Hull Part V Descendant Reports
Porter  ............ The Porters of Paisley and Canada  (Published by OGS Ottawa Branch in 1994)
Porter The Descendants of John Porter and Elizabeth Donald  19 June,2018
Porter The Descendants of William Porter and Janet Watt  16 June,2018
Sine William Sine and Mary Frederick Descendant Report 30 June, 2012
Wilson John Wilson and Jane Hunt Register Report
Woods  ............ Thomas Woods and Rebecca Jex Descendant Report 30 June, 2012
Woods, Mervin Induction into the Canadian Hall of Valour

Genealogy Papers & Presentations

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