The Carp River Coalition


We are a group of citizens including members of the Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital, the Ottawa Group of the Sierra Club of Canada, Friends of the Carp River and Ottawa Riverkeeper.  We are working to ensure that development of Kanata West along the Carp River occurs in a way which does not pose risks of flooding to upstream and downstream communities and also furthers the long-term health of the river and the various species it supports. 


More information on the issue and the Carp River is available at:


Letter from MTO, MOE and MNR, Nov. 22, 2005, reminds City that the Ministry's concerns have been ignored and that the City should not post a notice of completion for the 3 Kanata West EAs unless certain conditions have been met.


A list of concerns expressed by the Coalition in January 2006 and the March 6, 2006 response by the City:


A 6-page letter dated January 31, 2006 from the Ministries of the Environment, Natural Resources and Transport, commenting on the current state of the Environmental Assessments and supporting studies:

July 20, 2006, Coalition submits Part II order (request letter) (request attachment) (July 27, follow-up letter)



Media Reports:


Four reports by Julie Ireton broadcast on CBC in May 2005:

<> (audiofile)


An August 2005 article on wetlands and the Carp watershed published in some issues of Runge Press:


An article published in Runge Press newspapers (including the Kanata Kourier) and some EMC newspapers in Jan/Feb 2006: <http:/>


An article published in the Peace and Environment News of February 2006, to be published soon on the PEN web site, <>



For more information, or if you would like to join the Coalition, please contact:


Carol Gudz at

Or call 274-0991



Or visit the web sites of the following organizations:


Friends of the Carp River

Sierra Club of Canada - Ottawa Group

Carp Ridge Society

Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital 

Ottawa Riverkeeper