Contests Supported by CBR2ADIF

The reference number (e.g. (1)) after some contest names indicates the existence of an official or semi-official Cabrillo specification, either at the Cabrillo website (1) or at the contest sponsor's website. Contest names not marked with a reference are supported by CBR2ADIF making "reasonable" assumptions about the Cabrillo format for those contests (in most cases, the same assumptions as those that are made by the WT4I Cabrillo Converter).


  1. The official Cabrillo web site
  2. Rules page for the Asia-Pacific Sprint
  3. Cabrillo page at the ARI web site
  4. Cabrillo specification page at the BARTG web site
  5. E-mail instructions page at the CQ-WPX web site
  6. Cabrillo page at the CQ-WW web site
  7. Log submission page at the DARC web site
  8. Cabrillo page at the DL-DX-RTTY web site
  9. Cabrillo page at the EU Sprint web site
  10. Cabrillo page at the Slovenia Contest Club web site
  11. Cabrillo specification at the EU-PSK-DX contest web site
  12. Cabrillo page at the Forida QSO Party web site
  13. Cabrillo page at the Helvetia Contest web site
  14. Cabrillo page at the JARTS web site
  15. E-mail log instructions page at the JIDX web site
  16. Log submission instructions page at the Michigan QSO Party web site
  17. NAQP Cabrillo Log Specification page at the NCJ web site
  18. Cabrillo specification from the Oceania DX web page
  19. Cabrillo page from the OK/OM DX Contest web site
  20. Cabrillo instructions from the RAC web site
  21. Log preparation page at the RDXC web site
  22. Cabrillo specification from the REF web page
  23. Cabrillo page from the RSGB HF contests web site
  24. SAC Cabrillo page at the SM3CER web site
  25. Cabrillo page at the SARTG web site
  26. SMP Cabrillo page at the SM3CER web site
  27. Log preparation page at the SP DX Contest web site
  28. Log template page at the Makrothen contest web site
  29. Cabrillo specification at the UK-DX-RTTY contest web site
  30. Cabrillo page at the Volta contest web site
  31. Electronic log format information at the Wisconsin QSO Party web site

Files from contests not on the above list may be translated as follows:

  1. Make a copy of the Cabrillo file and, using a text editor, change the contest name to one of those in the above list. Choose a supported contest with an identical exchange, or as similar an exchange as possible. If there is no contest name in the Cabrillo file, add a line to the header containing "CONTEST:name" where "name" is on the list.
  2. Use CBR2ADIF to translate the modified file to ADIF.
  3. Using a text editor, edit all occurrences of "<contest_id:n>contest-name" in the ADIF file so they contain the desired contest name ("n" is the number of characters in the name). Alternatively, you may simply delete this field entirely if you do not wish to use the contest name in the ADIF file.
If you have a Cabrillo file for a contest whose exchange cannot be represented by any of the supported contests, e-mail me with information about the contest exchange and I will try to support it in the next version of the program.

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