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Mustela Canada

Posted on the Ferret Mailing List
compiled by Bob Church © 1995, 1996

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 15:18:21 0600
From: Bob <c620213@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU>
Subject: Nicknames!

Well here they are, the nicknames you have been waiting for! While I consider this a onetime FML posting, you can still add corrections (spelling or other) and additions by directly posting them to my email address. If you want this as a document, I can upload one for you (ask and state type of processor). In the future, this will be available on a web page (next month, when I build the page). As for "editing," none was done (even original spellings were preserved) except for the following. Five nicknames with obscene or extremely sexual meanings were omitted. You can add them privately to your own list (Pun intended). Some swear words were accepted because I had seen them on the FML in prior posts. Two very racial (Nword) and one extreme and obviously homophobic nicknames were omitted. Thats it. If your nickname wasn't added, I probably lost it. Please repost it, and I'll add it**. As for my misspellings and other goofs. Soory. Loots of werk, an i tryyed harrd to to it write.
**This is the latest version of the list that I obtained from the Ferret Mailing List server with message SEND FERRET NICKNAMES. LT October 1997.



compiled by Bob Church (c) 1995, 1996


Mustala furo *; Mustela putorius furo *; Mustela sylvestrys; Putorius furo; Putorius putorius eversmanni; Putorius putorius furo; Mustela eversmanni furo.

*Modern epithet: Mustela putorius furo is accepted; Mustela furo is suggested. Other epithets might be encountered in older publications.


Domestic Ferret *; Ferret *; Fewmart; Fitch; Fitchet; FitchFerret; Fitchette; Fitchew; Foret; Foulmart; Foul Marten; Foumart; Furettus; Furis; Furo; Furon; PolecatFerret.

* Suggested; other terms have been encountered in older publications.


Business *; Besynys; Busynes; Besynesse; Besines; Bessines; Besenes; Busynes.

* Accepted; other terms have been encountered in older publications. Refers to the methodical and businesslike manner in which ferrets hunt.



WHOLE: Hob, Jill, Kit; STERILE: Hobbie; NEUTERED: Gib, Sprite, Kit;
OTHER TERMS *: (Fitch, Buck, Stud, Sire), (Fitchet, Bitch, Doe, Dam), (Fitchette, Cub, Kitten).

* Not generally accepted but have been encountered in some publications.
** Presented in MaleFemaleYoung order.



AFRIKAANS: Fret; ANGLOSAXON: Meard, Mearp; CZECH: Fretka; DANISH: Fritte; DUTCH: Fret; ENGLISH: Fyret, Fyrette, Fferetty, Foret, Fferet, Forytt, Fferett, Ferett, Feret, Firet, Ferrette, Firette, Ferret; ESPERANTO: Furo, Casputoro; ESTONIAN: Jahituhkur; FINNISH: Fretti; FRENCH: Furet, Furettus; GERMAN: Frettchen; GREEK: Ictis *; HEBREW: Tzar *, Sroch' *, Mot *, Sinae *, Ch'ulda *, Tela Elan *; HUNGARIAN: Vadaszmenyet; ITALIAN: Furetto; JAPANESE: Shiroitachi; LAKOTA: Itopta Sapa, Hitunkasan; LATIN: Viverra, Furo, Furuncus, Furunculus, Fericulus, Furuus, Furniculus, Fur, Feruncus, Furectus, Furunculus, Ferrettus, Ferutus, Furittus; POLISH: Lasica lesna; ROMANIAN: Dihor; Nevastuica; RUSSIAN: Xopek, Horyok *; SPANISH: Huron; SERBOCROATIAN: Vretna, Vretica, Bijeli tvor; SLOVENE: Beli dihur, voha; SWAHILI: Kinyama kama cheche; SWEDISH: Jaktiller, Frett; VIETNAMESE: Con chon den; WELSH: Ffured; ZULU: Fereti.

* Transcribed into English alphabet spellings may differ. Copied from appropriate dictionaries or authorities.
** Includes archacic and seldom used terms that may be encountered in some publications.



Aak Attack!; Acid Girl; Aframe; African Attack Ferret; Aleistair Crawley; Ali; Ali Gator; Alligator Jaws; Ammis; Ammywee; Angel; Angel Baby; Angel Bunny; Animated Slinky; Ankle Attack Fert; Ankle Biter; Annie; Annie ferret; Anybody Home; Archaeocarpetologist; Are You Awake Again; Ass Bite; Attack Ferret; Avenger; Aw Ferry; Awfuro.

Baaaad Cubby; Baby; Babybiter; Baby Boy; Baby Doll; Baby Girl; Babyface; Babykins; Baby Monster; Baby Turd; Bad Bad Badio; Bad Badger; Bad Booger; Bad Boy; Bad Girl; Bad Ferret; Badger; Bagman; Bald Butt; Baldilocks; Baldy; Bean Bag Boy; Bandit; B Boy; Beachball; Beanhead; Bear; Bear's Knees; Bearsly Magoo; Beast; Beastie; Beasty; Beauty; Beauty Queen; Be Be; Bebe; Beckboy; Beckman; Becky; Bedbug; Beeno; Beer; Bees; Bee's Knees; BeesNess; Beevis; Beezer; Bend Your Manners; Benjamin; Benjammer; Benjers; Bib; Bibbs; Big Baby; Big Bob; Big Boy; Big Butt; Big Butthead; Big Dumb Bunny; Big Dumb Lug; Big Guy; Big Lug; Bitch; Bitchball; Bite Man; Bite Meister; Biter Butt; Biter Girl; Bites; Bitus Americanus; Black Beauty; Blackie; Black Lightning; Blanket Weasel; Blood Sucker; Blubber; Bulge; Bonehead; Boney Butt; Bonker Patrol; Bonkers; Bony Butt; Boob; Boobie Face; Boo Boo; Boogah Boogah; Booger; Borg Butt; BosleyWosley; Boss; Boss Weasel; Bounder; Boy; Boybug; Bozo Butt; Bra Master; Brat; Bratski; Bratty; Brushtailed Carpet Shark; Brushy Tail; Bubba; Bubba flubba; Buddy; Buddyboy; Buddy Monster; Budinski; Budman; Budzucky; Buff Puff; Bug; Bugger; Bugs; Bugster; Bully; Bum; Bumwalker; Bungles; Bunny; Burpee; Burrito; Busy Bee; Busy Body; Butt Biter; Butt Dragger; Butterball; utterpot; Butthead; Buttinski; Butt Sniffer.

Calamatous Carpet Shark; Caruso's Twisted Sister; Captain Cuddles; Captain Splash; Carpet Creeper; Carpet Dromedary; Carpet Gator; Carpet Monkey; Carpet Otter; Carpetragger; Carpet Shark; Casey Boogala; Catus Defileus; Chew Bear; Chewyface; Chicken; Chicken Big; Chicklet; Chipper Dipper; Chirpy Girl; Chomper; Chuckleduckle; Chuckles; Chunk; Chunky Monkey; Chweetum Bunny; Cinderella Cute Thing; Cinny; Clark Clark Clark; ClaudiAudiAudia; Cockroach; Come Here!; Come Here You Little Monster; Commando Ferret; Conan; Coongirl; Corner Bomber; Couchivore; Couch Monkey; Couch Shark; Count; Count Bitalot; Coyote Bait; Crafty Critter; Crapinator; Crapmeister; Crap Weasel; Crazy; Crazycritter; Crazy Fart; Crazy Girl; Crazy Weasel; Cricket; Crumpet; Cubby Monster; Cubby Wubby; Cubster; Cuddlebeast; Cuddlefish; Cuddles; Curiouscreature; Curly Jerky; Curly Q; Cute Alert; Cutey; Cutie.

Daddy's Girl; Daddy's Little Girl; Dammit; Dancin' Fool; David Biterman; Dead Head; Deamon Spawn; Death Weasel; Death GripDeva; Debel; December Bee; Demon Cat; Der Dope; Der Little Pink Nosed Sweety; Devil; Devil Bunny; Devil in Disguise; Dig Doug; Dig For Tomorrow; Digger; Digman; Digmeister; Digomatic; Dig Pig; Dig Rig; Ding Ding; Ding Dong; Dinky Doody; Dirty Dan; Dirty Rat; Dirty Tom; Dive Bomber; Dobbie; Do Do; Dodo; Doh; Domestic Donut; Domestic Violin; Don't You Dare!; Doody Man; Doofer; Dookadook; Dooka Dooka Dummy; Dookdook; Dooker; Dookiedoo; Dookie Houser; Dookie Mouser; Dookie Oucher; Dookiepookie; Dookinator; Dookin' Dork; Dookmeister; Dork; Dorleela; Dozy Josie; Drakey; Duh; Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun.

Early Birdie; Eat Meshoe; Ed; El Gato Largo; Elvira; Emmaline; Emmy; English Bagel; Evil Eyes; Evil Ferret; Evil Satan Ferret From Hell; Evil Weasel.

Fair Rut; Fang; Fangledangle; Fantastic Flying Ferret; Farrit; F. A. R. T.; Fart; Fartit; Fart Sack; Fat Boy; Fat Flat Cat; Fatso; Fattbutt; Fattus; Fatty; FattyBratty; Fauve; Faux Chat; Feet Fark; Feral Fart; Feritto Beritto; Feritto Buritto; Ferret Extraordinaire; Ferret Face; Ferretfaced Boy; Ferret Monster; Ferret Phone; Ferret Rico; Ferretus Maximus; Ferroid; Ferrito; Ferry; Fert; Fink; Fitch Bitch; Fizzy; Fleurry; Floyd; Flubber; Fluffy; Fly; Flying Ferret; Flying Furball; Flying Weasel; Foo Foobutt; Foot Biter; Foot Fighter; Freak; Freaky; Freaky Ferret; Freckles; Frettchen; Fritto Feretto; Fumes; Funny Bunny; Funny Face; Furball; Furbit; Fur Kid; Furrball; Furrit; Furrit; Furrit; Furrito; Furry; Furry Butt; Furry Fuzzbutt; Furry Fuzzy Fairy; Furry One; Fur Rat; Fur Snake; Fur Teeth; Fury; Fuzzball; Fuzzbanana; Fuzzbean; Fuzzblossom; Fuzzbucket; Fuzzbuster; Fuzz Face; Fuzzhead; Fuzzibuns; Fuzziness; Fuzzie; Fuzzit; Fuzz Kid; Fuzzmeister; Fuzzpole; Fuzzwarp; Fuzzweiner; Fuzzy; Fuzzy Banana; Fuzzy Bear; Fuzzy Bunkins; Fuzzy Butthead; Fuzzy Wuzzie; Fuzzy Wuzzy.

Gator; Gator Bait; Gatsy; Gerrrr!; Getouttahere; Get Out Of Here!; Gina Bo Beena; Girl Bug; Girlie Girl; Girly; Girl; God's Best Pet; God's Little Nookins; Gomer; Gomez; Goofy; Goosameister; Goosemeister; Gooser; Goosers; Goosieboy; Goosie Lucie; Goosie Moosey; Gramps; Granny; Grazer; Great White Shark; Green Card Nada; Gremlin; Grump; Grunt; Guardian Angel Ferret; Gump Bump; Gweenie.

Hacker; Hairmeister; Halfbaked; Hamhead; Harry Bananas; Harvey the Hairdresser; Hawkster; Heavy Ralph; Hellion; Hellkit; Herman Monster; Herman Survivor; Hermie; Hermination; Herminator; Heshe; Hewhopasseswind; Hey!; Heyyoucomebackyou'renotallowedinthere; Heyyoulittlesneek; Hiding Hairball; Hinderhelper; His Royal Majesty; Ho'; Hodge; Hodgers; HogePoge; Honey Bear; Honey Bun; Honey Bunches; Honey Bunny; Honey Munchkin; Hoody Doody Time; Horrible Child; Hoss Cartwoozle; Houdini; Huge Butt; Huggy Boy; Hulk; Hurone Morone; Hurry Ralph.

I. C.; Ickus; Icky; Iddle Biddle Fuzzy Wuzzy; Illegal Beagle; Imp; Impunity; Insane Fuzzball; Isa Mouse; Itty Bitty Biter.

James Brown; Jaws; Jazz; Jean Dook Fercard; Jesus Christ; Jerk; Jet; Jetman; Jiggityjoo; Jingle; Jinglebeast; 'Jink; Juice Juice.

Kalifornia Killer; Kaynakus Attackus; KeeKee; Key Thief; Kibble Kruncher; Kid; Kiddo; Killer; Killer Deadly Ferret; Kissing Bandit; Kiss Weasel; Kissy Face; Kissy Licky Lover; Kitty Kat You're a Rat; Kitten; Koosher; Kooshie; Kow Killer; Kow Tipper.

Lady; Lady Sadie; Laylay; Lazy Butt; Lazy Lady; Leaf Shark; Leapin' Ferrit; Leapin' Fuzlizard; Leaping Ferret; Le Fuzz; Legged Snake; Le Mizzy Wee; Lil Bear; Lil Girl; Lil Monster; Lil Nipper; Lil Shit; Lip Licker; Litterisforpoopingnotforplaying; Little Addict; Little Baby; Little Bastard; Little Bear; Little Beast; Little Bitch; Little Boy; Little Bug; Little Cold Wet Noses; Little Debel; Little Devil; Little Fart; Little Firetruck; Little Girl; Little Girlie; Little Guy; Little Hokey Hairball; Little Loie; Little Man; Little Miss; Little Miss Impatient; Little Monster; Little Nipper; Little One; Little Pain in the...; Little Piglet; Little Potato; Little Shit; Little Shniblet; Little Simmie; Little Sneak; Little Sneaker; Little Squirt; Little Stoopid Shit That Bites; Little Thief; Loggydog; Love Boy; Lovebug; Lover; Loverboy; LoveyDovey; Lovie Girl; Lovie Man; Low Biter; Lowrider Cat; L. S.; Lucy Goosey; LuLu.

Ma Bell Butt; Macho Man; Madame Chihuahua; Mad Ferret; Maggie May; Maggie Paggie; Mag Pie; Mag Wag; Mags; Malinki Yozik; Mallow Bear; Mama; Mama's Girl; Marshall Ferret From Marshall Farms; Mark's Children; Mark's Spoiled Daughter; Marsh; Marshie; Mash Flavored Monster; Masochist Boy; Maus; Max Attack; Maxi; Maxipad; Maxwell Silverhammer; Mayhem; Maze Runner; Meanie; Meecho; Meine Kleine; MeMes; Mischief; Miss Bear; Miss Bee; Miss Mae; Miss Magoo; Miss Piss; Miss Priss; Mister LaForge; Mister Mess; Mister Miss The Box; Mister Monster; Misty Meister; Mitzi Mae; Mitzi Mittens; Mitzi Sister; Moleman; Mommy's Big Boy; Mommy's Girl; Mommy's Little Fuzz Face; Momo; Money Hole; Mogol; Monkey; Monster; Monster Baby; Monster Biter; Monster Mash; Mookie Dookie Ewok; Moose; Mooselet; Mosel; Mosey; Mr. B; Mr. Bent; Mr. Can't Find the Box; Mr. Chuckles; Mr. Fuzz; Mr. Fuzz Meister; Mr. Man; Ms. Four Sharp Teeth; Mr. Love Chunks; Mukkey; Muncher; Munchkin; Munchy Monger; Musty Monkey; My Baby; My Beautiful Baby; My Big Love; My Little Dream Come True; My Little Girl; My Little Gund Bear; My Little Shit; My Little Sweetie; My Little Weasel; My Little White Monster; My Monster; My Precious Poly Wog Frog Dog; My Sweet Babies; Mysweetlittlegirl; My Trip To Europe.

Nasty; Ned Clampit Mytoes; Nee Fattbutt; Neut; Neuterboy; Newt; Nicco; Nickenbacher; Nicomeister; Nicono; Nik; Nipper; Nit; Nitwit; NO!; Nobee; NoNo; Noodle; Noodlebrain; Noodle Butt; Nookie; North African Proweasel; Noseball; Nuisance; Nut.

Oboy; Oh Boy; Oh Shit; Oily; Old Baldy; Old Boy; Old Lady; Old Man; One Who Bites Noses And Toes; One Who Brings Pleasure And Pain; One Who Talks Out His Ass; Ol' Tumour Butt; Ol' Tumour Face; Onionhead; Open Mouth; Osc; Osmalt; OW!; Owdon'tbitesohard; OWW!; Oz; Ozma; Ozzie.

Paddlebutt; Paddlefoot; Paeon; Parrot Ferret; Pasqoonyak; Patzer; Peep; Pee Pee; Peeper; PeePoo Wampous; Peeps; Peeve; People Climber; Pepper; Persistent Little Bitch; Pervert; Phew; Philosopher; Pidney; Pidneyhead; Piglet; Piggy; Pinhead; Pinkie; Pink Nose; Pip; Pipe Raccoon; Pipper; Pippi Jane; Pippi Lou; PippiQueen of the Thieves; Pips; Pipsqueak; Pissant; Pisshead; Piss Otter; Please Put On Some Weight You Are Making Mommy Very Nervous; Plow; Pocket Rocket; Poledog; Polekitty; Polish Cat; Polish Dog; Poody Bug; Poof; Pooker Tartooker; Poolcat; Pooper; Poopeye; Poopfaced Boy; Poophead; Poopie; Poopinator; Poopman; Poopmeister; PooPoo; PooPoo Head; Pooppie; PoopPoop On You; Pooppopper; Poops; Poor Thing; Popper; Pork Lo Mein; Porky; Porkeypug; Port; Portapotty; Portly; Possum; Possum Face; Potato; Potato Bean; Potato Bug; Pouter; Precious Poodie; Pretty Face; Pretty Girl; Princess; Prissy Missy; Psycho; Psycho Bunny; Psycho Ferret; Pudd; Pudden Stone; Puddle; Puddlebutt; Puddley Wuddley; Pudge Bunny; Puff Chatter; Pumpkin; Pumpkin Pie; Pumpkin Splash; Puppy.

Que; Queen Beez; Queenie; Quick Shit; Quick Slick; 'Quila.

Rabbit Whacker; Rabid Rabbit Killer From Hell; Rabid Ralph; Rabid Reagan; Raider of the Lost Trash; Raisineer; Raisinette; Raisin Girl; Raisin Weinie; Rambo; Rangy; Rapsco; Rascal; Rat; Ratboy; Ratfaced Pussy Sniffer; Rat Lady; Ratlet; Ratley; Ratman; Ricky Ticky Rabbit Ears; Red Eye; Road Kill; Road Toad; Robbin'; Rock; Rockie Roll; Roller Weasel; Rolly Polly Rompin' Rascal; Reckboy; Rotten; Rubber Mouth; Rubbish Rat; Ruckustuckus; Rudeman; Rug Miner; Rug Rat; Rug Slug; Rug Surfer; Run Away; Runt.

Sable Twinkey; Samantha Sable; Saminator; Samma Ding; Samma Lamma; Sammie; SammySam; Samsan; Sam Sister; Samster; SarahBoBeara; Satan; Satin; Schmellow Fellow; Scooby Do; Scooter Booter; Scooty Boots; Screamer; Seacoseak; Sealky; Seaman; Seymore Hear More Destroy More; Shady Lady; Shark; Sharktooth; Sheet Shark; Shit; Shit Factory; Shithead; Short Stuff; Shorty; Sid Vicious; Silent Runner; Silken Bufflehead; Silkster; Silky; Silliness Incarnate; Silly; Silly Goose; Silly Sister; Silly Willy; Silly Willy Woosie Buns; Silver Mutt; Sin; Sissa; Skinny Girl; Skipper; Skunk; Skunkie; Sleepy; Sleepy Head; Sleepy Poo; Sleeve Shark; Sleeve Snake; Slick; Slime Butt; Slinky; Slinky Man; Slipper Nipper; Slither; Slithergadee; Slitherhawk; Slithermonster; Slithershark; Slug; Smellman; Smelly Animal; Smelly Belly; Smelly Ferret; Snaggletooth; Snake Face; Snakeonlegs; Snarf; Sneak; Sneaker; Sneaker Eater; Sneaky; Sneaky Snot; Snoops; Snoozin' Susan; Snowball; Snowbunny; Snowplow; Snow Snorkler; Snow Wide; Snugglemuffin; Snuggly Bean; Sobes; Sock Biter; Socko; Sock Shark; Sock Tube; Sofa Shark; Sonorous Six; Sooper Dooper Pooper; Spaz; Spazattack; Spazoleum; Speed Bump; Speed Weasel; Spike; Spoiled; Spoiled Rotten; Sport; Spot; Sprite; Spud; Squat N' Shit; Squeaker; Squeaky; Squirmin' Vermin; Squirrel; Squirt; Squirt Magellan; Squirtman; Squirty; Stanley Spudowski; Stealth Ferret; Stiletto Furetto; Stinker; Stinky; Stinky Kitty; Stoopid; Stop That; Stretch Cat; Stretch Rat; Stripe; Struedel Hound; Stud; Stud Boy; Studley; Stud Muffin; Stupid; Stupidhead; Stupidshit; Superpooper; Svelte Boy; Sweetest Ferret in All Ferretdom; Sweetheart; Sweetie; Sweetie Snuggie Der Doh; Sweet Slink; Sweet Stuff; Swoosher.

Ta Dah; Taffy Rat; Tasha; Tater Dammit; Taterhead; Teasel Weasel; Teddy Bear; Teleport; Terrible Tori; Terror; Terror In The Night; Terrorist; Thank You For The Kisses; That's My Shoe You *&%$@#!; The Acrobat; The Big Butthead; The Boy Prince; The Dook; The Duck; The Ferret of Brain; The Ferret of Doom; The Kids; The King; The Lip Gripper; The Lone Biter; The Mouse; The Prettiest Chocolate Ferret In The Entire World; The Real Killer; The Snuggler; The Squirter; The Terror; The Weasel; Thief; Thiefmeister; Thieving Shit; Ticket To Hell; Tiny; Tinysaurus Rex; Toebiter; Toe Nipper; Toe Shark; Toe Tickler; Tolly Monster; Tony the Terror; Toozie Woozie; Tooth; Toothasaurus Rex; Toothed Taco; Toothed Terror; Toothman; Trashrat; Treat Thief; Trembling Terror; Trillywill; Trouble; Trouble Maker; Tubby; Tube Cat; Tube Dog; Tube Skunk; Tube Thief; Tummie Sucker; Tunnel Shark; Tunnel Snake; Turkey Butt; Turkins; Twinkie; Twinkie Brain; Twinkle; Twinkletoes; Twinklygirl; Twinklesaurus Rex; Twinkle Toes.

Ugly; Ugly Butt; Uh Oh; Umbrella Butt; Unhuron.

Varmit; Vermin; Very Pretty Baby.

Wacky Weasel; Wanna Play; Wantin' Weasel; Water Weasel; Weasel; Weaselette; Weasel Face; Weasel Toes; Weasel Varmint; Weasel Woman; Wedgehead; Wee Beezer; Weener; Weener Cat; Weener Dog; Weenie; Weenie Weasel; Wee Sal; Weesel; Wees Lee; Wee Wee; Weezer; Weiner; Weiner Cat; Weiner Dog; Weiner Rat; Weinie; Weirdo; Weirdo Weasel; Wench; Wenchygirl; Wererat; Wet Weasel; Wet Weaselette; Where There Is A Willie There Is A Way; Which Way Did 'Day Go?; Whiney; White Boy; White Fang; Whitey; Whyareyoudoingthisyoualwaysusedtousethebox; Wide Load; Wiggle Worm; Wiggle Sniggle; Wild Thing; Willie the Weasel; Willie The Wonder Weasel; WishyWashy WaterWalker; Witch Hazel; Wonder Moron; Wonder Weasel; Wonka Bonka; Wrecking Ball; Wubby; Wunderfrettchen; Wuss; Wuzzie.

Xee Chee; Xex Man.

Yeah You; You &$@#$%; You Beautiful Lovely Lady; You Little Brat; You Little Furball; You Little Imp; You Little Rat; You Little Rascal; You Little Shit; You Little Wee Wee; You Nasty Booger; You Shit; You Sweet Adorable Thing.

Zed Head; Zeebiedoo; Zero; Z'hawkz'hawk; Zoomie; Zoom Kitty.


Wildman Bob C and the (Place Term Here) 13
[Note from LT: Bob Church has, of course, more ferrets now ... If he were supertitious, he only had to get another one to have 14, but he currently owns 20 (as of Oct. 1997)]


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