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Published February 16, 2020

Begin to Finish

Demise appears
Anguish and tears

So much to do
Where to run

In disbelief
Decry the grief

How is it true
Proceed with you

Out of the Blue
Fate’s arrow flew
Natures coup
So long adieu

Look at love
Say goodbye

Cry and cry
Gonna Die

Demise jeers
Absent Years

There’s no Clue
Just happened to you

Out of the Blue
Fates arrow flew
Natures coup
So long adieu


Published March 16, 2017

Truth is Vanquished
Our kin Decay
Time unravels
Soon our DAY

The setting sun
Dims the Light
Who is Left
To mount the FIGHT

We've failed the Dream
Our Youth had Bought
Stepped aside
For what OTHERS Sought

Our Lofty GOALS
For Money Spent
End to a Means
Is GREED’s Intent

Deadline reached
The Darkness Looms
As we are Stacked
In Endless Rooms


Published December 4, 2015

What do you see looking up in the tree
Your fellow apes
eating all the good grapes

Thier numbers abound
passing their affluent on down

It’s how it’s done you’ve been told
Since you were six years old

The few have much
The many have little
having to pay even to piddle

Yet majority Rules
We are taught in schools
But then who’s Rules
The few’s Rules
There are the clues

This monotheistic devotion
says we all have a say
Yet the Rules as we play
favour some and not others
We are all left to bray
with our heads under the covers


Published Nov 15, 2015

Doors can be open, closed or locked
On some I’ve knocked
Some I looked inside
Others I’ve entered
Then through some I’ve not ventured.

Behind closed Doors are possibilities
They evoke such fantasies
Some beckoned me through
Others I tap on with hope
Then there are those with keyholes to scope.

Doors can be left open for confusion
With Intent or delusion
Some seem inviting
Others I fear and ignore
Then there are those I long to explore.

What about Doors I ignore
Returning to check out the score
Some may still be there to see
Others have new locks
Then someone else has the key.
The Doors I remember most
Are the thresholds I did not pass
Some held promise
Others such desire with longing
Then for all that doubt, I will never know their calling.


I wish I ‘d opened those doors
Embraced those inside
‘Cause life has no encores
In an empty berth to abide


Published January, 2016

Those in the circle step away

Joy flows downhill

Pain rises once more

An emptiness inside

That hollows and grows
What have you not done

Failure you’ve made

No insight to trade

No touch stones seem right

 Hand holds dissolve
Empty faces in the circle

Your reach seems so poor

Reality transposed

Joy flows downhill

Pain rises once more
Colours shift to grey

In comes the fog

Twilight engulfs
Where once there was light

Now darkness crawls
No point raising your head
Your fate you have read

Nowhere safe to tread

No hope in dead

So cleverly fed
Sleep to engage

Thoughts to depart

That what’s in store

Pain flows downhill
Joy rises once more

Published Feb 24, 2017

What was all the reluctance for
In a solitary berth to abide
It’s you that you abhor
Yes unsatisfied

It’s not a Lore
Folks to Adore
Those you ignore
Are then no more

I wish I had opened those doors
Embraced those possibilities inside
‘Cause life has no encores
Once you have died

It’s not a Lore
Folks to Adore
Those you ignore
Are then no more

Solitary berth to abide
Your choice implied
No longer mystified
Just not satisfied
But Ratified



Published October 29, 2016

I am always never There.
Ourselves always never Care
Itself always never to Share
Their time always never to Declare

Ours is always never a Nightmare
You should always never Beware
You always never end Threadbare
Herself always never in your Underwear

We always never enjoy an Affair
They are always never Impaired
Theirs always never get Snared
Mine always never a lover’s Glare

They are always never on the Square
Themselves always never Debonair
Us always never Doctrinaire
We always never want Warfare

Mine is always never Legionnaire
Itself always never Everywhere
Ourselves always never Voltaire
They’ll leave you always never Bare

It is always never there.


“Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.” —Voltair
‘AMO’ latin I Love


Published Feb 6, 2017

refulgent = shine brightly (ri-fuhl-juh nt)

That Step

A Step
Your step
The Step

Desire’s the Key

End of the Line
Now it’s Time
Light the Fire
Of your Desire

Life’s Trails
Unturned Stones

No Dawn
Future Gone

Desires Forsaken
Reflections Taken

No Brothers
No Lovers

No one to Blame
Just your Shame

End of the Line
Now it’s Time
Light the Fire
Of your Desire

Through the Whorl
Grasp that Pearl

Let it Shine
It’s your Devine

A Thirst
To be Nursed

Time is Dear
Nothing to Fear

End of the Line
Now it’s Time
Light the Fire
Of your Desire

Insight Grows
You Compose

Light of Desire
With it Aspire


Over the Line
Your Time
Feed the Fire
Of your Desire


Published August 21, 2016

-The furthest you can get apart,
without falling away-

You are
You were
You will be
Timings the key.

Bring it far
Bring it home
Bring it there
Do we care?

Look behind
Look away
Look inside
Who really tried?

Did it actually
Did it blamelessly
Did it Anxiously
Was there Amnesty?

Never Happily
Never Sanity
Never Nastily
It wasn’t Rhapsody?

Pulling Tactfully
Pulling Blamelessly
Pulling of Gravity
We’ve achieved Apogee


Published Feb 24, 2017

Decades disappeared
Years came and went
Time’s dissolved
What records remain
Are beyond the refrain

Disappointment merges
into what seems forever
But what of life’s lessons
Inevitability can’t teach
If you step into the breach

Time towers over the hours
of days gone by
Looking over your shoulder
why even try
Cover your eyes and cry

The daunting grip of the present
languishing in hopes of the past
Still can’t light the fire
Brush the chaff aside
making choices is now dire

In self imposed penance
I’m hopelessly mired
Tentative steps abound
It is time to choose
Though the end game provides resolve
Best balance risk then have nothing to loose


September 26, 2015

the Joy to hold, to feel
the minds eye wants to make them real.
you explore the possibilities
and deconstruct the desires
unpack every if only
turning each hope around
as you explore the world from within
the desires become memories
what might have happened
now seems real

With my arms stretched out
loving embrace to capture
I open my eyes to see
the real world in empty
hope imagined walks away
leaving emptiness and despair
I close my eyes tight again
the hopeful memories do return
what is real and what hurts
drive me inside to shelter my imagination

it seems so safe living in your head
yet once there was someone to embrace
that was so much better
then the memories I had made
those moments pass
you stare into void and strain
just close your eyes
build memories once again.

Retreating from the empty
embracing my mind’s world
no need to open your eyes
and feel the lonely world
the waking moments do reveal
the unrequited dreams aren’t real
it’s a cycle that must be broken
look around, ask, give, and share
Live the dream if you dare


Published December 16, 2015

I Said

She Said

 He Said

We Said

They Said

 Nothing was Said

I Want

She Wants

 He Wants

 We Want

 They Want

Nothing was Had

I love

She Loves

 He Loves

 We Love

They Love

 But not each Other

I Need

 She Needs

He Needs

We Need

They Need

We already Have It

I Desire

She Desires

 He Desires

We Desire

They Desire

Very Undesirable

I Deserve

She Deserves

 He Deserves

 We Deserve

They Deserve

Exactly what they Got


Published January, 2016

On the edge of an Abyss

Dark waves of empty

Grey swells from the night

Eyes open to nothing
Life’s meaning dissolves

Social grace decays

The drone of pointless voices

Denying the light
Knowledge unravels

Faith abides sin

The sinister stench

Darkness brings
Change is unthinkable

All light is repressed

The harder you look

Darkness surrounds
Disfigured hands beckon

Unseen in the grey

Each offers nothing

But to own and obey
Singular flicker

You see in the fog

As you reach out

Yours reaches back
Your finger tips touch

The cold dark glass

Your hollow refection

Mocks in despair
You’re alone in the dark

Senses are numb

The strength you must find

From within has to come


Published March 22, 2016

In the abyss
For just one kiss
Darkness, no debates
Another world awaits

Between the sheets
My pillow greets
With wanting my eyes close
My desires to impose

Dissolving into the abyss
Longing for just one kiss
Enter a world unseen
Where I hoped to have been

For a night’s desire to bring
Happiness to which I can cling
Life is too short not to sin
In a world of what could have bin

In the abyss
For just one kiss


Published February 12, 2017

“Who sings this dirge Is on the verge”

Kiss me like you Miss me
Squeeze me like you'll Please me
Smooch me till you Pooch me
Boogie till our Woogies warm
Wanna like your Gonna

Would’ve like it should’ve Bin
Abide like you might’ve Tried
Come on over to the other Side

Together we can turn the Tide
Lustful Stride to be our Guide
In heat we Collide not be Denied

Kiss me like you Miss me
Squeeze me like you'll Please me
Smooch me till you Pooch me
Boogie till our Woogies warm
Wanna like your Gonna

We’ll be so flippin’ Glad
Nothing’s Sad when we’re Unclad
A Huge pleasure will be Had

Ascend zeal’s launch Pad
You may think me Mad
But I’m no Cad in Plaid

Kiss me like you Miss me
Squeeze me like you'll Please me
Smooch me till you Pooch me
Boogie till our Woogies warm
Wanna like your Gonna

That Urge to Merge
On the rise to Surge
Lets Emerge and Splurge

We’re so on the Verge
No opining to Purge
Lust be Courage sow the Urge

Kiss me like you Miss me
Squeeze me like you'll Please me
Boogie till our Woogies warm
Wanna like your Gonna

The Demiurge of Desire
To this Destiny we Converge
And Exhausted;
           silently Submerge.


Published July 8, 2015

Sitting at the end of the dock.
Feet in the cool water.
Under the dark starry night.
Looking for relief from the heat of the day,
still smothering the air.

The moon nudging up from behind the trees
on the far side, clouds playing with the light.
It’s first beams catching the top of the gentle ripples
moving across the lake, dancing with delight.

I follow the gentle waves gliding in the moon light
greeting the shore, sparkling, they revealed a figure
reclined in the moist sand.

The moon reached higher into the night sky,
droplets of water on her skin now sparkled with hope.

Waves joined in anticipation
breached the shore, moving up her legs,
cresting over the inside of her thighs, rolling over her skin.
Followed by more ripples, splashing and sparkling with their touch.
The lake withdrew the cool clear water from her shores,
rolling back down her thighs,
tender delicious droplets caressed her skin.

I watched as the lake again and again,
offered the cool water,
flowing each wave over the sparkling moon lit skin.
She responded to each cool caress with pleasure.
The waves retreated,
pausing just long enough,
returning to please again.

The sensual ebb and flow bathed in the mysterious blue light caressing her skin,
held me captive.
Finally the moon’s light rose to reveal the sparkle in her eyes,
inviting me to to join her in the lake’s cool embrace.
I dissolved in the moment,
the pleasure,
and the tender moon light.


Published November 16, 2016

Embraced in the cool of the Night
Immersed beneath Moon’s Light
Entwined in Warmth and Hope

Indwelling their Soul
Heartening for the Cold
Life’s looming fight

The avowed white Orb
Horizon’s accent
Desire’s Bright

Prods to take Love
When availed by it’s sight
An Ephemeral life’s Delight


Published August 19, 2015

You’ve put out the bait
I’m on my knees
Oh take me please
Open the gate
Lets start out slow
Greet our new fate
Passion will grow

Destiny, don’t flee
A gently breeze
A tender squeeze
Happy we'd be
With you in charge
Holding the key
Desire so large

Are you ready to please
The moment to seize
Spirits so free
Hearts with glee
My lips on your thighs
For a treasure hides

My tender appeal
Desperate to evoke
Embers I stoke
Hearts want to feel
Passions are stated
Desires to uncloak
Spirits elated

With a warm gentle motion
Fingers running down
Your pleasure to crown
It’s a powerful potion
Treasure is certain
With total devotion
Lets lift the curtain

Are you ready to please
The moment to seize
Spirits so free
Hearts with glee
My lips on your thighs
For a treasure that hides

To your creator you gloat
Our rhythmic moves
Your pleasure proves
Lips there must stroke
World is complete
Divine we float
Hearts on one beat.

Time is unspoken
Together we lay
Gone is the grey
Passion awoken
Grace won its place
Like nymphs at play
Our hearts embrace

The years have gone by
Passion has gone
A distant song
At times I cry
With thoughts of then
Why don't we try
Do you remember when


Published September 7, 2015

Cautiously they meet
Still unsure

Eyes reaching out
Trying to see

Who’s on the inside
Do you know

Anticipation draws in
Timelessly melds

Lips drawn closer
Is it to be

We hunger to believe
Desire to touch

Skin sparkles in persuasion
Lips tenderly meet

Touch alters seeing
Other worlds greet


Published Oct 23, 2015

An essence, aloft in a breeze
Caresses you,
To be noticed is key.
Your open hands beckoning.
As if conceived, it awakes in your touch.
You cradle it in your mind,
                with disbelief and awe.
As your thoughts suffuse,
      a beauty nurturing,
          a wistful intent.
Too fragile to embrace,
It has entered your mind
      to bespeak and blossom in time.

Life around you captivates,
      you look away,
          now unaware,
                you are immersed in the allure,
                      to it's adore you’ve succumb.

Each breath,
      each heart beat,
          entwines your being,
                your mind’s on fire,
                      reaching even higher.
The essence you tentatively touched,
      cupped in your hands,
          is now part of,
                your dream,
And your desire.

It is why you exist.
All understanding transcends,
      as you reach deeper inside,
          the pleasure and longing,
                your existence and hope,
                            awash in the blossom’s new life,
                                  so fragrant,
                                        so enchanting, Abiding as no other.

This wisp, an essence of a blossom in mind,
      a notion once aloft in
            a breeze, has rooted inside,
                  as immutable
                        as real
                              as needing
                                    as perfect an idea
                                          as any to existence.
But it is you alone
      in your mind,
No other.

Just when you expect and reach out,
      it’s gone.
In your out stretched hands nothing remains.
The desires
      in your mind
            in your heart
                  for eternity reside.
A new quantum in you is born.
To usher in warmth and vitality,
      when aloft in a breeze
           it touches once more.

Each time the breeze blows
If life is to have meaning,
      in your soul,
           open your heart,
                  accept what comes in,
      let it grow.
You are always much more,
      then unscathed as before.


Published January 21, 2016

Open to me, Open to you
I see you seeing me, Loosing you

You look in my eyes, I look in yours
I see ability and delight, You see me

Living vicariously, In the eyes of another
Instead of the beauty, Of you to discover

I appreciate another soul, As part of my world
You appear to hide, so tightly curled

Eyes of another, Offer glimpses of you
Reflections to grow, To you to be true

Each day is yours, To explore who you can be
Write a verse each day, It will set you free

You can guide yourself, So pleasingly far
Rejoice in the wondrous soul, That you are


When I reach out
You reach back
When i ask
You answer

We share ourselves
We share each other
We bring ourselves
We are ourselves

You are part of my world
You share my world
You are my world
It is a wonderful world

Thank you my Sweet
With all my Heart
Love and Hope Always
I Adore You


Published March 2015

When a spirit arrives
And in harmony abides

There is nurture to grow
Setting a new light aglow

Colours appear
From winter’s austere

Emotions awake
For their own sake

Rivers of life flow
From the frozen snow

The possibilities soar
A new once more

And so in friendship
A warm spring awakes

Life’s beauty in sharing
Opens a heart to caring


Published October 8, 2015

I awake with you
Images of the night
Sustain me into the light

Huddled with my morning coffee
Your spirit near
My mind begins to clear

The days expectations start
You are not left behind
circling with my mind

In the numbing haze
Thoughts of you sustain
The endlessly road ahead

As night approaches
Empty and drained
Wondering what I’ve gained

Between the sheets once more
Feeling tired and blue
I reach out to you

Where ever you might be
I see you
Do you see me


Published November 13, 2015

Excitement erupts

A souls arrival I desire

Let times plodding retire

Anticipation corrupts
Tomorrow will be today

If only time was round

I’d turn the wheel

And they’d appear

My treasure to secure

A gravity well I’ll endure

Heart’s racing forward

Converging to now
String theory says it could be done

Time will succumb

Deep thoughts and tachyons

Tomorrows light will appear
A photon I'd be
And with great glee

Tomorrow'd be today

 In that wondrous ray

Space Time bring it near

 Let a vibrating string

Give me a wave that is clear

 So my Brane will sing
Supersymmetry beholds

A string in a circle goes

Gravity is beckoning

 For time to fold
Causality be dammed

For today I won’t stand

 Let M theory disallow

‘Cause I want it now

Time to uncouple

Enjoy the found time

 Desire to dream

Where all tomorrows are now


Published March 17, 2017


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Published May 28, 2011

I once felt that evil was a silly notion of zealots trying to enslave the great unwashed. Then I had a life changing experience. Somehow I had managed to avoid the expression of this evil for most of my adult life. Then like so many seemly benign endeavours it began with an innocuous request. A friend had purchased a house and asked if I could undecorate it before they moved in. I've rejuvenated many houses for myself and helped others over the years, putting up new drywall, taped and mudding, and painting. The tedious job of stripping painted wood to reveal amazing old wood work, I've taken head on without flinching. So "of course" I said "sure".

I got my first tour of the project and noted the brightly flowered walls with swirls of purple and pink and red and yellow and greens alternating with shades of blues and oranges harkening back to the heady fashions of the 70's. Now I did have a funny feeling in my gut, but remained undaunted uttering "No Problem" and "Done in a Week".

As I headed to the hardware store, by way of the 'Rent All Centre', a faint voice in the back of my head was desperately trying to be heard, but I was on a mission and ignored it. With paint rollers and primers and gallons of gentle new colours and a few scrapers and a wallpaper steamer, I arrived at the house with a kind expectant morning sun and crisp pure white snow covering the landscape. It was going to be a good day. I filled the steamer with water and plugged it in. Took another sip of my coffee, grabbed my shiny new scraper and started the task of peeling off the colourful reflective surface that is the hallmark of easy strip wallpaper usually revealing the paper backing that yields easily to the penetrating steam and scraper. I loosened a corner and the other corner and started a gentle even tug that started at the top of the wall and usually ended at the bottom with a large piece of coloured film that can be stuffed into a garbage bag ready for the dump. Tug snap, tug snap, try again, scrape tug, scrape tug SNAP, TUG SNAP, SNAP TUG SCRAPE GOUGE , SNAP SCRAPE GOUGE, ….. the little voice in the back of my head finally made itself hear …. "plastic and vinyl covered wallpaper is a bad idea, and as plastic ages it gets brittle". Off in the distance I heard the steamer announce it was ready to rock …. I swung around secure in the knowledge that I had superior technology: "no problem".

With the steamer in hand I confidently placed it on the bright swirls of purple and red and the steam forced its power against the wall and then ran down the wall to form a wet puddle on the hardwood flooring and soaking the baseboard. The purple and reds now glowed with new vibrance with the years of smoke and dirt removed ready to stay put for another 25 years. I realized that most likely a fellow human being pure of heart was sitting here years ago and looked at the the walls and a force so evil and malicious in intent simply placed the thought …" some pretty colours realized with wallpaper would make this house so nice and your partner so grateful" …. the dark evil force began its reign of evil.

"This is easy strip wallpaper sir, you just peel back the vinyl film and a little water you take down the backing". The evil force listen and smirked, if you do it within the first 4 years. "And sir, the wall covering will make all the imperfections in the wall disappear no need to plaster and repair those little mishaps." The evil force shone with pride.

I had cleaned up the water spill and unplugged and put away the steamer and was SCRAPING and TUGGING little pieces at a time …. SNAP ,and another little piece of the vinyl covering off … SNAP…TUG ….. SNAP ….. the process left my hands crippled but by day's end it was done.

I used a spritzer and dampened the backing and within an hour it was off, I cleaned up the mess. It was now dark outside and in the dim light from the bare light bulb hanging from the centre of the room I looked about, sighed and headed home ready to sleep, but still the little voice in my head was unsettled.

Another cool bright winter morning and with coffee in hand I arrived at the work site eager to get beyond the anguish of the day before. The sun beamed in the curtain-less windows lighting up the newly stripped room with an intensity that revealed the person that did the finishing work on the dry wall years ago had arms and legs shorter than each other and was severally visually impaired and clearly felt not using paper on the seams under the plaster was going to spare any baby bushes from having to be clubbed to death ensuring not a single tree be cut for the paper tape needed to do the drywall properly.
Back to the hardware store, drywall tape, drywall compound, some fibre glass mesh tape (just in case), new trowels and a corner troll and oh yes some new MDF baseboard to replace the section the water from the steamer saturated and that swelled to a cancerous glob. "They no longer make that baseboard shape ? " …. "well I'll need 10 ft + 15 ft plus 25 ft plus 10 ft" …. " $200.00 sigh … okay fine". By the end of day 2, 2 coats of drywall compound applied and taped and sanded between coats. There was hope for these walls that had been so badly abused. I did note the pencil lines that the person who applied the wall paper scored on the walls to align the various sheets and headed out for the evening to a well deserved sleep.

I opened reluctantly one eye and then had to pry open the other eye which was cemented together with drywall dust from the previous day's work. It was dark this morning, somewhat ominous, with a heaviness that usually ushers in a great deluge of snow. I arrived at the house and switched on the lonely light bulb dangling tentatively from the ceiling and with a grunt it came to life providing less than an admirable glow. A quick final sanding, and the first gallon of primer was pried open, paint rollers and extension handles were engaged and the final assault could begin, but the little voice in my head broke through the confidence and announced that the lines and the wall should be proven to be pencil to avoid the dreaded and unyielding ink bleed through. So with pencil eraser in hand I test the numerous lines, the wallpaper installer had in fact been thoughtful and had used pencil. The painting began: corners and door frames and window frames were cut and the rolling took most of the morning; I installed the new baseboards and got a fresh coat of the finishing paint on by 3:00 pm and headed home in the gloomy light, snow had covering the world in a thick velvet blanket.
The next day was bright and sunny again begging to be engaged. Off I went to cleanup and feeling smug in the knowledge I had beaten the evil force that had possessed that poor soul so many years earlier and coerce them into putting on not just wall paper, but wallpaper that would bitterly resist its removal. Again I was greeted with sun light streaming into the freshly painted room revealing satin smooth walls now testaments to my plastering and sanding. I gather up all the tools and rolled up the tarps, loaded up the truck, quick vacuum and stood back to admire my work, and there.

There, near the corner right where the last sheet of the hideous wallpaper was mostly likely hung, there it was. I could hear the resident evil clearly now cackling and smirking with glee and satisfaction. I understood what it had done. The poor hapless wallpaper was finishing and drawing the last pencil line, when the evil with ever so subtle a nudge, broke the pencil lead tip. There in the top pocket was a pen, last used on the crossword puzzle at breakfast and evil prevailed, the pen was unsheathed and a dark sinister ink scare that now glowed through the soft creamy paint was impaled on the unsuspecting wall.

    It was then that I knew with certainty evil does exist among men.

Published Feb 16, 2009

I guess most of the humiliation has passed and it is okey to post this little true story now

I should have known adventures awaited me, and to heed the feeling of aging doom, just lie down, avoid Friday the 13th. Yet a cup of tea was called for, I set the kettle under the drinking water tap, but on the counter rather then in the sink, which was full of dishes.

The phone then rang and the washing machine was beeping, so off I went and dealt with the phone call and attended to the unbalanced load of towels which I should have done in two loads, but then living dangerously, what the heck.

So I ambled back up stairs and plunked myself down in front of the TV, noting in a puzzled way, that a cup of tea would be good about now, and wandered what the tinkling sound from the kitchen was, ...shit ... dashed out to the kitchen to an over flowing kettle and a small waterfall off the end of the counter.

Well the counter got cleaned, and stuff was put away, and soggy stuff was tossed out, and eventually a cup of tea was born ... airhead I thought... and plodded on.

Shortly there after I struck off to town, to the Post Office to get the mail, I got into the car, had my hydro parka on, big and bulky, usually with a trip too Ottawa I let the heated seats tied me over, till the engine heat is available, but not today, it was February cold. I reached back to get the keys which somehow I had managed to drop on the floor while trying to get them out of the coat pocket and then, proceeded to tip my second cup of tea, did I mention I made a second cup for the drive, all over and into the counsel in my pride and joy, the baby, 1991 MB 300E ... milk and sugar and tea oozing into everything .... I never made it to the post office idiot… I thought, while cleaning and mopping up the mess knowing the once spring arrived the console would have to be dismantled and cleaned properly … sigh.

The kids came by that night to wish me a Happy Birthday and we hung out, ate, talked and enjoyed the company …. after which I slide safely into bed.

Saturday, we were greeted by a beautiful sunny day. We exchanged Valentines over breakfast, reveling in the heart felt love and caring we shared. My wife's cold had gotten the best of her, so she headed back to bed and I said I would organize dinner and we would see each other then.

There was still the matter of the accumulated dishes, that had never been totally dealt with ( no, we would not get the Good House Keeping seal of approval ), that seemed like a good place to start before heading out for the grocery store.

I never made it to the grocery store, ... I was filling the kitchen sink with dish soap and water when I heard the dryer beep, from the load of towels from the night before, that I had finally put into the dryer. So while the sink filled I thought I'd grab the towels and toss them into a laundry basket bring them up stairs to fold after the dishes were done.

Now clearly I'm distracted easily, because since I was in the basement I thought I would hit the freezer to get the fixings out for dinner and save a trip. Freezers, as it turns out are interesting places and can be engaging for someone like me ... yet I did notice the dripping sound of water in the basement; turns out the kitchen floor is less then water tight and lead me to thinking way this would be ....

... I dashed up stairs, and right out of a 'I Love Lucy' episode, a wall of suds was making its way across the expanse of the kitchen and greeting me in the hallway. I managed to avoid the inevitable pratfall in the suds and got the water turned off ... what to do .... what to do ... dashed back down stairs to get the hamper of dry towels and yup ... began cleaning up the kitchen disaster .... in the end the kitchen floor got a long over due wash, and since I could not finish the dishes, the floor was still wet. A strategically located vacuum cleaner beside the mop had gotten my attention, so the house got vacuumed and straightened as well. The towels got a second washing.

In the middle of all this I had managed to cobble together a fishermen's pie from frozen salmon I had earlier noticed in the freezer, boiled and mashed potatoes, boiled and mashed squash also spotted in the freezer, and mixed vegetables, and slide the concoction into the oven. Frozen dinner rolls were now returning to life as well, and the table was set.

Ding ... Dong...; a couple of good friends were at the door, they were just passing through to wish me a happy birthday and dropped of a delicious rum cake and wine ... things were actually coming together. The chocolate moose I had whipped up would be perfect on the cake. I hadn't made it to town, so the wine was perfect timing.

The stove beeped its sound of approval announcing the dinner was ready.

Oh yes ... my wife .... tap tap tap .... no response .... slipped quietly into the darkened bedroom to announce dinner was served .... she had noticed the vacuum for a brief second, but nothing else, still feeling sick, apologized rolled over, and went back to sleep.

Somehow watching Steve Martin's the 'JERK' while eating my fishermen's pie alone, seemed to bring it all full circle and rather then risk further mayhem ..... I was sound asleep by 22:00 hours and very clearly half way to 108 years old.



Published Mar 5, 2017

In we come
Round we go
Where we stop
Who’s to know

It’s a tender game
Transmitting DNA
Narrating with aim
Willing us to play

Logic says run
Hormones say stay
Having fun
Must obey

Neutral are none
Just shades of Grey
No room for a pun
At the moon we bay

The chords diminished
Dopamines faded
Seems were finished
Soon to be traded


Published December 14, 2015

Not just tried
Rather imbibed

The Bard liked his weed
To imbibe, or not to imbibe, that is the question:

Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer

The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Giggles,

Or not smoke Weed against a Sea of troubles,


Published October 12, 2015

Now that the plump avian gratitude fest is behind us, thoughts can turn to the hollowing out of gourds and imagined beasties in the night. Not the least of which was the dropping of the writ several months ago.

Look Willy
What's that behind the tree
What could it be
Lets see

Willy, is it
A little fury friend
Cute little eyes
Can you see

I hear
Rustling leaves
A chainsaws roar
Don't be afraid

Oh my
A dismembered corpse
Spurting blood all around
Is that daddy on the ground

There's mommy
Waving her chain saw
Running away from the law
Wave goodbye

Don't flee
What else is behind the tree
Oh don't cry Willy
Mommy has lots more

What else is behind the tree
An evil ballot box
Will it rip out your throat
Oh yes, but we still have to vote


Published November, 2015

Is it safe to drop your guard

Is it safe to bend over

Like rover in the clover

In every park

Behind every tree

A murder be

Is that clean

Don’t eat that

Not even for the cat

Actors tell you

Hadn’t you seen

Medicine is unclean

Guzzle that oil

Living libations

For the bend over nations

Is a thought safe

Thinking is wrong

Just do as your told

Every night on TV

Dismembering is okey

But no nipples in play

Eat Drink do Mary

Or crazy Larry

Just shave don’t be hairy

Is it safe to drop your guard

But only if you can think

Through this horrid stink

Is there a way back from the brink



"I’m glad about that. More, please, more.
I can suck sadness out of a song the way a weasel sucks eggs.
More, please, more."

Shakespeare -“As you like it” -JAQUES-

Jaques provides a sharp contrast to the other characters in the play, always observing and disputing the hardships of life in the country.

August 5, 2015

each day a sucker is born
undaunted by scorn

eye of newt
oh so cute

in goes a rose
a happy nose

chocolate in
can’t be a sin

on babies we rub
from a big tub

will it go boom
could be soon

‘councilled’ with favours
and all sorts of flavours

ship every where
without a care

out roll the trucks
in come the bucks

neighbours complain
too bads’ the refrain

a cosmic brew
most use with no clue

bubble and toil
oh a new boil

we are all blessed
snake oils the best

pink pills for pale people
lets build a new steeple


Published November 1, 2016

“It's practical, not diabolical.”
It's businesslike not amateur
It's down-to-earth not fiendish
It's commonsensical not insane
It's sensible not cruel
It's practicable not impossible
It's unromantic not heinous
It's virtual not vicious
It's handy not vile
It's unidealistic not wicked
It's doable not demoniac
It's sane not evil
It's factual not infernal
It's pragmatic not satanic
It's simple not serpentine
It’s antonym not synonym
“It's practical, not diabolical.”


Published November 1, 2016

“Here's Looking at You”

Published February 28, 2018

Latin:Homo Sapien - English:Wise Man

Published November 12, 2017


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