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Most of the articles are original writing from here near Sharbot Lake Ontario, on how we Indigenous, Anishnaabe Ongwehonweh perceive and are affected by issues such as mining, nuclear development, global governance, police statism and the military industrial complex.

As of midJanuary 2012, we started uploading pdf versions of our articles posted to the Eagle Watch Newsletter in chronological order. You can link to them from this page. Unfortunately, we have a hard time keeping up to date with it.

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The Eagle Watch Newsletter Archives are arranged according to topic.

See the Quotations Pages, Part One and Part Two.

See also Kittoh's Archives 2003, (no entries for 2004), Kittoh's Archives 2005, Kittoh's Archives 2006, Kittoh's Archives 2007 .


2013 Articles

...More Updates coming as Time permits!!!...

July 2013

Fwd: Obama, Mandela and Leonard Peltier, 07/04/2013
Vale charged with illegal dumping in Labrador, 07/16/2013
Kittoh on Zero Point Radio 07/16/2013
Jim "Agent of Assimilation" Prentice Mesmerizes AFN Participants 07/19/2013
Fwd: Mohawk mother joins civil suit, 07/28/2013

June 2013

Fwd: [LegacyofColonialism] Mau Mau accept an almost apology from Britain, 06/08/2013
Full speech on Mau Mau compensation by Foreign Secretary William Hague, 06/08/2013
No Subject, 06/20/2013
Fwd: [NATURAL_FREEDOM] Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption], 06/28/2013

May 2013

FYI Important info re fruits and vegetables and pesticide use, 05/09/2013
Fwd: Video of Mother's Day Action Against Canadian Drone Warfare 05/10/2013
Fwd: Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-Up, 05/14/2013
Fwd: Troubling new anti-terror provisions pass into law, 05/14/2013

April 2013

Fwd: Aerial Footage of Arkansas Oil Spill, 04/04/2013
Fwd: Fwd: They’re kicking us off our land to hunt lions, 04/10/2013
Red Lake Ojibwe Minnesota and Enbridge, 04/11/2013
As the Noose Tightens 04/17/2013
FYI: Dismantling the Indian Act, 04/27/2013
What Kind of a Setup is This?? 04/30/2013

March 2013

In Search of the Common Denominator - Could this be Fasken Martineau's Game Plan?? 03/02/13
Fwd: Fw: 12-year-old girl missing from downtown Ottawa, 03/02/2013
Fwd: Canada: 3 girls found alive BUT 2 more girls MISSING (1 since Feb. 22)/Re: [eaglewatch] Fwd: Fw: 12-year-old girl missing from downtown Ottawa, 03/03/2013
Fwd: UN food rights envoy available at webcast event in Iqaluit and more updates, 03/04/2013
Where does Tom Flanagan think child porn comes from ??, 03/04/2013
parl meeting re aand, 03/06/2013
Fwd: Dan Ellis, Child of the Canadian Holocaust, 03/06/2013
Some Really Strange and Creepy Bed Fellows at Caledonia 03/08/13
USA and Britain jointly involved in war crimes, 03/12/2013
FYI Fwd: Who is the New Pope Francis I really?, 03/14/2013
Globalist Gookooshens "Little Pig" Bob Rae, Slithers thru Anishnaabe Aki, 03/16/2013
Fwd: Ottawa seeks emergency cleanup of toxic mine, 03/18/2013

February 2013

We have just added 3 new postings on the Attawapiskat Anishnaabek struggle with the Diamond Cartel, DeBeers. See the links in the February list below

Fwd: Blogger Ezra Levant ordered to pay additional $32,500 for libel, 02/01/2013
FWD: US Drought Kills Hundreds of Thousands of Tree, 02/03/2013
Fighting the Nuclear Madness, 02/04/2013
The Guilty Condemn the Guilty, 02/07/2013
FYI - Nuclear Spying Verdict Overturned, kittoh, 02/08/2013
Canadian Uranium Shell Games, 02/09/2013
Fwd: Wind Turbine Information to Boil Yer Blood, 02/10/2013
Fwd: Liquid bomb-grade uranium to be shipped secretly from Chalk River to U.S., 02/11/2013
Fwd: Human Rights Watch Alleges RCMP Officers Raped, Abused Aboriginals In BC and more updates, 02/14/2013
Fwd: RCMP to meet with authors of damning report alleging abuse of aboriginal women and girls (with video), 02/14/2013
THOSE WHO TAKE US AWAY,Abusive Policing and Failures in Protection of Indigenous Women,and Girls in Northern British Columbia, Canada, 02/14/2013
Fwd: Manitoba Women Seek Assistance - Can You Help??, 02/15/2013
Beautiful Mother Earth, 02/15/2013
Mark Carney and the Big Heist, 02/21/2013
Resending: Mark Carney and the Big Heist, 02/21/2013
Fwd: Youth from Skownan First Nation to Protest at Legislature and more updates, 02/21/2013
Fwd: Canadian War Industries at Middle East's Largest Arms Show, 02/21/2013
FYI: Bernard Valcourt - New Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, 02/22/2013
Fwd: papal scandal and the next pope, 02/23/2013
Eagle Watch Articles posted in PDF format, 02/23/2013
Timmins judge slams ice road blockade with a dire warning to protesters 02/25/2013
De Beers is Sabre Rattling 02/26/2013
Sun Media Racism Blatant 02/26/2013

January 2013

The Quickening and Idle No More, 01/16/2013
Reposting: Imperial Minions, Transparent Rednecks and Dirty Drawers, 01/17/2013
FWD: Uranium in Saharan Sands, 01/24/2013
Fwd: Reserve despair hits home for outspoken Mohawk, Shawn Brant, 01/26/2013
Canada in There Like a Dirty Shirt, 01/28/2013
Wake UP Call re Bill C-45, 01/28/2013
Resending: Wake UP Call re Bill C-45, 01/28/2013
International Monetary Fund IMF and World Bank Group (the Bretton Woods Institutions), 01/29/2013


2012 Articles

December 2012 Articles

No articles for December

November 2012 Articles

Fwd: [stopnato] Digest Number 4532, 11/01/2012
Excerpt from Wulustuk Times, 11/05/2012
The Tale of Three Brothers Robinson, 11/07/2012
FYI: Excerpt from the Historical Record, 11/19/2012
Fwd: Toronto: Large crowd calls for closure of uranium plant, 11/19/2012

October 2012 Articles

Setting up their Hierarchy on Turtle Island, 10/04/2012
Fwd: Colonised and coloniser, empire's poison infects us all, by G. Monbiot, 10/09/2012
Fwd: Act against the injustice faced by Six Nations children, 10/09/2012
Fwd: The vaccine empire has collapsed, 10/15/2012
The New England Company PsyOps - Scammers in Psychological Warfare, 10/25/2012
Fwd: [LegacyofColonialism] The Global Land Grab: The New Enclosures, 10/27/2012

September 2012 Articles

Fwd: 80 Yanomami Indians Massacred , Shell Gets Arctic Drilling Permit, 09/02/2012
Fwd: Important Message to Parents about EMR Electro Magnetic Radiation Devices in Your Home, 09/02/2012
The Indian Police, 09/08/2012

August 2012 Articles

MidSummer Notes from the Eagle Watch - Some Non Linear Reflections 08/03/12
The Queen's Theater - Commentary 08/03/12
Historical Document Revealing: Should be part of Highschool History 08/06/12
Fwd: James Bay Cree Nation Enacts Permanent Uranium Moratorium in James Bay Territory 08/13/12
The Ancient Great Lakes "Alliance of "The Three Fires" and an Accounting of Related Eastern Anishnabeg by Wahya 08/15/12
Fwd: Canadian War Department Drones on with Summer Splurge By Matthew Behrens, 08/21/12
Are Ya Doin Yer Homework?? 08/31/12

July 2012 Articles

No articles for July.

June 2012 Articles

Fwd: [NATURAL_DEFENCE] World Wildlife Fund WWF Helps Industry More than Environment 06/02/12
Fwd: Peruvian Resistance against Tinaya Copper Mine Owned by Xstrata 06/04/12
Fwd: Mistissini says “NO” and asks for a Moratorium 06/08/12
One Yawn Leads to Another Yawn: The BiCentennial of the War of 1812 Commentary 06/09/12
Fwd: Makita Not Surprised by GN Support for Uranium Mining 06/09/12
Fwd: One Step Away From Cyber Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima 06/10/12
Fwd: BC Treaty Advocate Elected Chair of UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues - Ed John
Grand Chief Edward John has spent the past 20 years in the BC treaty process, which produces extinguishment Agreements 06/10/12
Fwd: Former "God's Banker' Could Blitz Vatican with Cache of Secret Documents 06/19/12
Fwd: Isn't it time to talk about WHY the horrifying drought? 06/19/12

May 2012 Articles

Fwd: Deny the British Empire's Crimes? No, We Ignore Them 05/01/12
Fwd: Mohawk John Kane to UN Rapporteur: Process is a Farce 05/08/12
Fwd: media release: Makita launches website!!!
( and Twitter (@makitanunavut) 05/08/12
Oxycontin Oblivion, A Sad Commentary 05/09/12
Fwd: Permanent Forum On Indigenous Issues - Joint Statement Re: Doctrine Of Discovery 05/09/12
Fwd: Martin Weatherall Re Hospitals and Wireless, Microwave Radiation Dangers .. Letter to the Minister of Health for Ontario 05/23/12
The Canadian initiative to stop Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution
Fwd: NATO: Big Money, Big Interests And Global Domination 05/24/12
Stop NATO e-mail list home page with archives and search engine:
Stop NATO website and articles:

April 2012 Articles

Historical Notes from the "Annual Report of Indian Affairs 1919" on Health and Sanitation 04/02/2012
Fwd: Bolivia TIPNIS UPDATE: second anti-road march scheduled for April 25th 04/03/2012
THE INDIANS AND THE GREAT WAR - More Historical Notes from the 1919 Report to Indian Affairs 04/04/2012
Links to Eagle Watch articles 04/05/2012
Fwd: Iraq: Fallujah's health crisis - US uranium to blame 04/08/2012
US uranium to blame for deformed babies in Fallujah?
Russia Today
Fwd: New York Times: Uranium Mines Dot Navajo Land, Neglected and Still Perilous 04/08/2012
By LESLIE MACMILLAN, March 31, 2012
Earth Plunderers and Their Propagandists 04/09/2012
Why the Imperialist Hates Trees 04/16/2012
FYI: Land, church and state: The Clergy Reserves of Upper Canada 04/25/12
Fwd: UN Special Rapporteur's Conference: The Significance of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 04/25/12
Troubling Questions for the UN Rapporteur Session, its Speakers and Sponsors 04/25/12
Fwd: The Significance of Indigenous Mobilisations: 04/26/12
Fwd: Infant Monkeys Given Standard Doses of Vaccines Develop Autism Symptoms 04/29/12

March 2012 Articles

Chinese Hypnotist - FYI 03/02/2012 -
Here's a speech from one smooth talking Chinese guy, Yuen Pau Wooooo. How Many BC Indigenous Are Really Falling For This???
Future of Canada-Asia Energy Relations in Kitimat
Yuen Pau Woo is President and CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Boot Camp Imperialism and Cognitive Dissonance: Guest Article by Indigenous Vet, James Craven 03/04/2012
Harper's Handler: Canada's Very Own John D. - Portrait of an Oligarch 03/07/2012
FWD: Quebec sets out new budget 03/21/2012
Budget includes $10 million to study the possibility of extending the power grid to Nunavik
Fwd: 7.4 quake damages hundreds of homes in southern Mexico; no reports of deaths 03/21/2012

February 2012 Articles

Fwd: First Nations in Alberta & NWT Sign Save the Fraser Declaration Opposing the Proposed Enbridge Pipeline and Tankers Project, 02/03/2012
Fwd: Rally against Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline in Fort St James, BC, 02/03/2012
Nobody Really Wanted To: But They All Thought They Had To, 02/04/2012
Fwd: An Update on the Investigation of Bones Unear thed at Canada's oldest Indian residential school and a Response to Fear Mongering by the APTN - 02/05/2012
Fwd: Told They are Ineligible, 02/05/2012
Write for ONE, Write for ALL - Anti Indigenous "Journalists" and the Canadian Media, 02/09/2012
More Imperial Anti Indigenous Propagandists, 02/11/2012
FYI. More resources on the Enbridge NorthGate Pipeline., 02/13/2012
FYI: United Nations committee examining Canada and Indigenous Peoples, 02/21/2012
American Indian Vets and the UN Special Rapporteur US Visit April 23rd - May 4th, 2012., 02/21/2012
Wahgoshig Setting Precedent? 02/24/2012
FYI - Onion Lake Cree Nation's Chief is Urging The Canadian Government to Take a Look in Its Own Backyard, 02/27/2012
FYI: India: The NotWatched Pot 02/29/2012

January 2012 Articles

Imperial Minions, Transparent Rednecks and Dirty Drawers, 01/10/2012
Fwd: Tehran's concern over the violation of the rights of the Canadian Aboriginal Peoples, 01/11/2012
Google, Facebook, Censorship and Surveillance, 01/14/2012
Starving us All - Loss of Good Farmland, 01/16/2012
Fwd: Mexico Week In Review CIS, Zapatistas: 18 Years Of Rebellion And Resistance, 01/16/2012
Fwd: Radioactive Iodine in Rainwater:, 01/17/2012
Fwd: Tucson schools ban books by Chicano and Native American authors, 01/18/2012
CENSORED NEWS Posted by Brenda Norrell - January 14, 2012 at 11:53 pm
Banned books fuels calls for revolution in Tucson
One Simple Fact, 01/20/2012
Royal Colonial Institute: Stop the Not-so-Merry-Go-Round, 01/27/2012
FYI Fwd: Target Iran: Dystopian World Where Nuclear Scientists Are Killed, 01/27/2012
Fwd: [LegacyofColonialism] Part 1: Migration - a Product of Free-Market Reforms, 01/27/2012
by David Bacon
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September 28, 2011
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There are the older articles on the Sharbot Lake protests of 2007 that were done with MNN reposted here. Then there are over 2 years of Eagle Watch Newsletters totalling close to 200 postings. We are currently arranging these according to topic and date and posting them as quickly as possible.

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