Palmiro Campagna

"... a detailed and convincing portrait presented with an astonishing array of archival evidence and photographs a welcome addition to the canon of ufology ..." - The Toronto Star

"Mr. Campagna serves up a top-notch component of the UFO enigma." -

"[The UFO Files] is well worth reading and helps unravel the true story of UFOs in Canada'' - George Filer, New Jersey State Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)

"Finally a book in which the UFOs are neither put to heaven nor to hell. A very objective work of information. I am impressed." - Erich Von Daniken (Chariots of the Gods etc.)

Weaving together eyewitness accounts and secret government files, including newly declassified documents, Palmiro Campagna relates some startling episodes in Canadian UFO history, from the revelations made to Wllbert Smith, a Canadian Ministry of Transport engineer in Washington, D.C., to the United States' so-called "black" program, which may have originated with the Avrocar (also known as Project Silver Bug), the United States Air Force flying saucer built in Canada, to the unexplained case of Stefan Michalak, whose close encounter with a strange, burning hot craft left him physically scarred.

As Campagna demonstrates, the truth is indeed out there.

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Palmiro Campagna

Palmiro Campagna, 2002