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Tony McLean

Jean Chrétien's appearance at the Adscam inquiry yesterday at least showed the wily former PM hasn't lost his knack for bravado, bluster and utterly bamboozling the media. – Greg Weston, Ottawa Sun.

Chrétien associates broke all the rules of transparency and all process, not in the name of saving Canada from separatists, but in their own partisan interests …This was about greed and corruption in its most rotten form. They thought of it as their money, not yours. – Ian MacDonald, Montreal Gazette

Ian LeDrew, immediate past president of the Liberal Party of Canada:
Mr. LeDrew, who accused Mr. Chretien of wearing out his welcome in the party before he finally retired, said his testimony only served to further tarnish the Liberal Party's name.
"His performance shows exactly why he's no longer Prime Minister, because he's exhibited incredible arrogance and poor judgement," said Mr. LeDrew.
"The poor judgement was dragging in the commissioner's daughter. It had no relevance and it was improper."

Ottawa Citizen Feb. 10, 2005 Page A4

"Obviously, I would have been happier if Canada had not been conquered in the past by the English, if this part of North America had remained French, but you can't rewrite history."
-- Jean Chretien Le Monde, Dec. 1, 1994

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney rakes Liberals for war stand

"For 135 years, Canada has made common cause with Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States in the defence of liberty and freedom around the world. Now we have repudiated at a crucial, seminal moment of our history, we have repudiated our allies and our coalition partners of the past and we have new friends: the Russians, the Chinese and the Germans.
This represents quite a change and I want to tell you, I'm one of the many Canadians who are dissatisfied with it and regret it profoundly.
Multilateralism is not an end to itself, it's a means to an end. We do not and we should not subcontract our foreign policy to the Security Council of the United Nations. This is a gathering of fifteen foreigners; we make our own policy.
Just because something is popular doesn't make it right. This is a classic example of 'followship', not leadership. Mr Chretien should remember that line from Dante that says the hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who in times of great moral crises strive to preserve their neutrality." - Mar. 23, 2003

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