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Woof! whine! grunt! woof! whine! grunt! woof! whine! grunt!

translation: I'm Vlad, a Siberian Husky born near Kempville (Kotar Kennels), but living in Sandy Hill (Ottawa) now. I'm still pretty young so I don't know much, but I know that I like to run!! I like people, other dogs, sniffing, licking, chewing, whatever I can get away with! I'm house trained (killing the grass in the back yard is my hobby!). Like most huskies, I don't bark, rather I make a "woo woo woo" sound and ring a bell by the back door when I want to go outside. I also grunt a lot, especially after waking up from a long nap. My father was a grey husky and my mother was a copper, so I'm mostly grey, but with copper on my legs and behind my ears.

Here's a picture of me at 8 weeks.

Happiness is a cool, wet, smelly Husky.

My favorite orange ball!

Here is me again, bigger than the ball (at 18 weeks).

Move over Robin, BatDog here!

Here's me with "Dad".

Same ball, winter time now (9 months).

Huskies like to RUN!

We do tire eventually though...

After 1 year I have managed not to get myself killed!

I like to practice my Yogic flying in the park with Dad.

Favorite time of the year for a classic Husky photo.

Don't need that winter coat anymore...

Then here is this other furry thing that was in my den when I moved in!


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    Yes, we do intend to add some serious stuff about us to this page, at some point, but for now, Vlad rules :-)

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