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This Page is about my father - Gregory Allen

Dad was a World War II veteran.  He joined the army where he got basic tranining and worked as a dental assistant.   Those jobs and many others were being taken over by women so he later transferred to the RCAF.  He had flight training in Canada at various airfields around the country in Ontario and the Maritime provinces.  Dad could not master the 4 point landing.  He did not make pilot, but he did qualify as a navigator and a bombadier. He served overseas with the RAF.  Dad has passed away but I want to put up a page for him so that he will be remembered.     I will put up the photos I have of him.  They my jog some memories. 

Dad in Basic Training

Dad originally joined the army where he took basic training.  This is his graduation picture from basic training.  The photograph originally showed the whole platoon, but mom tore off the other half of the photo to save space.  She wasn't interested in the other guys anyway.  I am not certain but I think that he took basic training at Camp Petawawa.

Dad in the Army

In the army dad worked as a dental assistant.  Those jobs were being taken over by women. The airforce needed men and dad and many others were offered the chance to leave the army and join the airforce.  Dad jumped at the opportunity and was transferred to the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force).


Dad in Training

Dad started out in the airforce with flight training.   He flew the Tiger Moth, The Harvard and the Avro Anson training planes.  Below is a picture of dad in his flying suit.  The cutie with him later became my mom.

Dad in his flying suit with girlfriend Dot.  Later his wife and my mom. 


Below is dad towards the end of training.  He has his sargents stripes and his half wing insignia for flight crew navigator-bombadier.




















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