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Overseas Dad was posted to 98 Squadron of the Royal Air Force

Dad brought back a picture of the flight crew in his Squadron.  He brought back a card with the squadron number on it.  However, he never once mentioned 98 Squadron in his conversation.  He remembered the people in it, the incidents and events, but he never mentioned the Squadron by name.  Dad did describe the Squadron as having a mixture of Canadian and British personnel in both the flight crew and ground crew.  The ground crew included some New Zealand Maori.  The CO (commanding officer) was British.  The RAF uniform blue was much lighter than the blue worn by the RCAF in Canada.    Dad and the rest of the squadron wore the RAF blue.  Below is a picture of the flight crew of 98 Squadron.  When dad served in the squadron, they were flying the North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber.

Below is a picture of the aircrew of 98 Squadron that dad brought back from the war.


This is a picture of the plane the squadron flew.  Dad brought this picture of a Mitchell back from the war. 

The RAF flew the Mitchell with a crew of four- a pilot, navigator-bombadier and two air gunners.  The Americans flew the Mitchell with a six man crew.  They had a serparate radio operator to handle the radio and a co-pilot.  The RAF had a radio system that any crew member could use. 

The 98 Squadron Crest

Below is a picture of the 98 Squadron crest that was on a dinning room placecard that dad brought home from the war.  The cardboard has faded a bit but you can still make out the crest and the motto "Never Failing".  Notice the king's crown on the crest.  During there was a king on the British throne and all military and insignia and emblems used the king's crown.  After the war Princess Elizabeth became Queen and the king's crown was replaced by the queen's crown with the intended top.    The 98 Squadron was also part of the "British Liberation Army".




















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