The Fox and the Pussy Cat

We had a remarkable experience at our Open House the other day.

Being the first Open House since last Fall, the event was well-attended with twenty-three people present for the Listening Circle.  A Listening Circle is a process where each individual gets to speak his or her mind, without interruption.  Our topic is Eco-Village, community, society, the future and the hopes, visions and concerns that each person has around those themes.  The circles are always fascinating and this one, with 23 participants, filled us all to the brim with thoughtful reflections.

Just as the last person finished, a fox appeared from the woods beside the house.  This was unusual in itself.  With many people seated a hundred feet away one wouldn't expect such a cautious creature to hang around.  Rather than taking one look and disappearing, he moved along the hill at an angle, getting slowly closer as he proceeded.  Once spotted, we all turned to look.  Even under that intense observation he continued.

After a while, the fox disappeared behind a hill only to appear moments later in the garden.  (How he got past the electric fence, I have an idea but would rather think it was not possible.)  While he walked across the garden, we discussed his Houdini trick – then . . .

All of a sudden, the fox turned and ran at top speed right out of the garden and up the hill, passing just 20 feet away from our assembly.  Streaking behind him in hot pursuit was our kitty cat, Sprite.

Sprite looked like a cartoon character flying along with both front paws stretched straight ahead and both back legs reaching straight out behind.  The split second that her legs must have gone to the ground to propel her forward happened so fast that it could have just been the flickering of an old time movie.

I've never seen Sprite move so fast !

When our Fox-Chasing Kitty passed by the circle, she came to us to make sure we were okay.

Intently watching the fox as he hesitated by the house, Sprite looked proud, ready at an instant to charge back out to defend the Realm.  Just as intently, we held onto her, not being at all sure that the fox was a safe critter for her to tussle with at close range.  Without the cat on its tail, the fox cycled back into the garden, looking for rodents we suspected, eventually to be chased away by two adult humans.

We haven't looked at Sprite the same since.

Fox chaser eh !     Giant slayer !

That's our kitten.