Discussion Paper

This paper is a more practically organized explanation of the Lanark Eco-Village possibilities. It is a work in progress and your comments are welcome. Feel free to offer any comments or suggestions to the EcoLanark Wordpress discussion page.

Framework for Involvement

While decades have been spent collecting the views shared in "The Vision" and "What we could build," the focus on building an actual settlement based on domestic ecosystems, is just now starting to move. New is a recently completed application for a Zoning Exception, which would allow us expand the residence here beyond the single dwelling already on site.

At present, what is available is 140 aces in Lanark County about three km. from the Village of Lanark. There are about 20 acres cleared and lots of mature woodland. About 30% is wet land, with soft maple. Only a small portion, back near the Mississippi River, and hard to get to, is marsh in the dry seasons.

The pictures across the top of this page are of the house, about 2000 sq. ft.. There are plans to add on a bigger kitchen which could serve a larger community and free up house space for divided quarters.

A shed roughly 20 ft. square with an "A frame" like second level. Presently storage, it could be fixed up for a small business and possibly a rudementary dwelling up top.

A fully functional woodworking shop, capable of making anything you can imagine in solid wood. It was assembled thirty years ago with the intent of making parts for community. It stands by for such possibilities and provides a source of income in the mean time.

A large shop building, 1,000 sq. ft. in the shop area, including wood storage and another 400 sq. ft. upstairs, separated from the dust, with a high ceiling and a 70 sq. ft. loft. Easily heated and presently habitable.

The last picture is the roof of the Summer Kitchen. This facility is dedicated to eating and conversing about community, current affairs, the future, eco-sensitive living, hopes, visions and concerns. The epic of its construction is shown in pictures and prose here and here.

At present there are two gardens. A 2300 sq. ft. fenced area which gets a lot of shade and another area, behind the shop, also fenced to keep the deer away, which is about 9000 sq. ft..