Looking into the Future

For reasons introduced in these stories, future human settlements will be built in ways that enable their inhabitants to observe, understand and work directly with the natural processes that support their lives. The Lanark Eco-Village project aims to materialize this vision.

The Letter to my Granddaughter; an Alternative View of Retirement, explains to her parents, and there-by to any parents and grandparents who are serious about the long-term well-being of today's young, how our responsibility and the resources that we have gathered over our lifetimes can come together to serve the needs of all the generations.

The Music of the Motors; an Introduction to Domestic Ecosystems puts a related message into what Buckminsiter Fuller used to call "ventilated prose." Originally written for the chapter on Motor Culture in Life, Money and Illusion, the Music of the Motors was edited out because its short, semi-poetic message had already been detailed in a number of ways in that book.

Much other visionary material is being produced by other groups. For now they wll be collected here. Please let us know if you come across material that can inspire us all toward sustainable communities.