Steps to 2799 McDonalds Corners Rd.

(If you are coming from South and/or West, find your way to Perth and go North on hwy. # 511 to the stop sign in Lanark. The instructions below, starting at *** will get you here from there.) (A short cut from the West is described at the bottom starting at ###.) From the Nort, find your way to Calabogie and take Hwy. #511 South to stop sign at the "T" intersection in Lanark. From there, turn right, noting the instructions just after the *** below.

The trip here from Ottawa starts on the Queensway heading West.

- turn off onto highway #7.  West is the only option, toward Carleton Place & Peterborough.  

- Past Carleton Place, about ten minutes, there is a church on the right of the highway.  At night it has a blue florsent cross on top, but it is the only Church along the way.  That's the Ferguson's Falls rd.

- Turn right and follow that road, winding and turning.  There is one very sharp turn about half way, with a couple of other roads heading off.  Keep to the main one until you get to a 'T' with a stop sign.

- Turn right & in a couple of km. there will be another 'T' in Lanark

- *** Turn left and immediately there will be another stop, 

- keep to the left there.  2.5 km down that rd., toward McDonalds Corners, you will find 2799 on the left.

That's us.  A long driveway, we are at the top of the hill.  The house is to the left.

Note:  The numbering heading out of Lanark moves along very slowly, but somewhere in the 200s it jumps to 2000, so you will get to 2799 in the 2.5 km.  (We've had several calls from up the road from people who got the sense from the Lanark numbers that they would be driving for a while, only to whizz by our driveway before really paying attention to the PINumbers,)

Note also:  If you use a GPS, it will likely direct you a kilometer too far West.  Don't be fooled.  Our blue PINumber is close to the ground on the left side of the road,  at the driveway. Our number, "2799" is now also up on the telephone pole by the driveway.

### Short cut from the West:

If you are adventurous, coming down Hwy. #7 heading East, there is a left hand turn onto Hwy. #36 at Maberly. Take that road North to Bennett Lake Rd., #19. Turn right onto Bennett Lake Rd. to a "T" intersection in Fallbrook. Turn left a couple of km. to a "T"T inersection with Hwy. #12. Turn right. 2799 is about 5 km down that rd. on the right. The landmark just before our driveway is a sign on the right that says "Welcome t Lanark Highlands". Our driveway is just over that rise on the right.