Pictures from Lanark Eco-Village 2

Lots of people expressed appreciation at being able to see what is going on here at LEV, thanks to the first batch of pictures posted.

So here are some more:

Filling in the eroded part of our driveway didn't prove photogenic, and you would have to walk the many trails through the building site to appreciate the work there, although the newly erected tool tent is a distinct step:

Tool Tent

More visually interesting is the creation of a bike shed:

First Michael G. and I took the ATV & trailer to the back woods and retrieved a number of cedar poles:

Michael G.

Most were from trees that had come down in a storm.

Then he & Tim stripped the bark:

stripping poles

First post up:

First post

Second post:

Second post

Rafters and strapping:

Rafters and strapping

All done:

The other fine picture that some of you will have seen is the last look about that our garden pond took before Winter settled in:

Pond's eye

Guess we'll just have to enjoy ourselves until the days get longer and the ground thaws:

Open House

"You don’t stop walking because there is no way forward. Of course there is no way. You walk the path into being, you make the way, and if you do it well, others can follow the route."

Rebecca Solnit