Pictures from Lanark Eco-Village 3

Spring has come at last.

It is a frustrating time between when Spring starts to arrive and when one can get into the garden and play with soil and seeds. We found the perfect solution:

Maple Syrup.

Just as the snow began to melt, we tapped a couple of trees, just to get some sap to drink.

This tap is into a big maple that helps hold up the electric fence around our garden.

The sap makes a delicious refreshing drink, but after leaving a pot of it on my heating stove and finding it in a few days to be a thick syrup the thoughts began to change. Two slices of french toast with yogurt, peanut-butter and the syrup tipped the balance & we got more buckets.

Eleven in all.

The sap poured in and we started to boil. The extra we put in the water barrel we use for irrigating in the summer, drawing on it as the water boiled away.

In all we got about eight liters of thick sweetness. A pancake breakfast here at LEV was in celebration. Unfortunately, we were all so busy enjoying the food that no one took a picture.

Now the sap has stopped running clear and things are sprouting in the garden.


Also rhubarb, nettle, the leeks that will give us seed this year and iris, poppies and several types of day lilies. Lettuce, peas and spinach are planted

On our window sills are tomatoes, celery, hot and sweet peppers, leeks, arugula and some blue berry cuttings taking root. Parsley, bassil, broccoli, kale, cabbage and many others are waiting in the wings to sprout and start capturing sunshine to help make the Lanark Eco-Village project a reality.