Summer is moving along

The fire wood is in:

and mostly piled:

Things are growing abundantly inside the garden gate:


Beets and pumpkin:

Shiso (a new to us aromatic, spicy herb):

Even an artichoke or two:

and carrots, parsnips, burdock, tomatoes, potatoes, kale, chard, celery, peas, asperagus, chives, parsley, lavender, grapes, beans of many types, cabbage, broccoli, basil, lemon balm, lemon grass and a number of wild edibles mentioned in the Spring post. Onions and garlic are harvested.

Our New Bake-Oven

Meanwhile the Summer Kitchen is taking shape. Stone walls are built up about the oven casting and filled with insulation:

Up and over all the oven, so that it can expand and contract without pushing on the masonry:

Then a cob mix for additional insulation, mostly straw with enough clay to stick it together, piled up to chimney height:

And covered with chicken wire to hold the masonry together:

Now covered with stone-work and awaiting an adventurous baker:

Perhaps you will join us for an early test at the September 6th Open House.

The windbreak wall behind the grill area on the right needs to be built up to the height of the oven. Then we'll start thinking about a shed roof from that to over the cooking area.