Fall has arrived

The Summer was filled by erecting a Yurt and moving the Summer Kitchen project forward.

Now our harvest is mostly tucked away.


First we built a platform and put down a solid floor.

Then the wall was stretched out around the edge, up against a ring border of plywood.

Then the rafters,

And the a layer of light canvas, one of thick felt, a tyvek moisture barrier (special for Canada),

And finally a layer of heavy canvas, all tied together with three thick lengths of horse hair rope.

Summer Kitchen

Meanwhile, work continued on the Summer Kitchen. The main structure was completed just before the yurt work started.

It looks impressive coming up from the driveway.

Now the grill on the right and bake overn on the left have both proved functional. (No one got a picture of the first pizza party.)

Since then, work has begun on pillars to support a roof that will protect the cooking facility and tables from rain, sun and snow. Five of the pillars are completed. The rest will have to wait for Spring when the weather is less likely to numb fingers. (Note the form on the table sticking out just right of the main structure.)

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