Winter 2015 - 16

While gardens and construction projects were snowed/frozen out, there was a lot of time for looking about.

Snow covered everything.

But we were eating fresh kale from under it right up to February 11th.

The garden pond was often changing, from ice and snowed over,

to flooded,

to frozen over again.

The bird bath provided some ice art during a thaw.

And there was plenty of natural art. Here, crystals over a natural spring.

The antique watering barrels, set in the ground a hundred years ago to water cattle, never froze and water flowed from them all winter.

Occasionally a piece of firewood provided eye candy.

Claire & I followed two porcupines, but were never able to get a picture. One time, at the hollow tree,

we could see it by looking up the turnk, but efforts with Claire's phone, my camera, a flashlight and a mirror produced nothing to show.

The other porcupine lives under a derelict car down one of the forest trails.

They walk close to the ground and after the 12 inch snow we had, we easily tracked him to a big pine tree. His trail is just a bit easier to see here.

But now (March 12th) all the snow is melting & we are starting to sprout seeds on the window sill. It could be a long time till planting out, but with this weather, weeks ahead of schedule, we will stand by, trying to be sensitive to what is, as much as to what has gone before.