Time Flies

Time flies around deadlines, having fun, watching children grow and countless other aspect of life. It is an age old platitude, which survives because we experience exactly what it represents again and again.

I couldn't count the times I've heard "time flies", yet, one sunny summer day it triggered a new sense in my core.

What if one watches time fly the way one watches a bird fly ?

While watching a bird, the bird is fixed in one's visual centre while the background changes.

Of a sudden, on that sunny day, the trees and grasses shimmered in the intense Sun - soaking up the rays and fixing that energy in new growth. In each instant, the entire universe is present, then disappears into a past that is no more than a memory or perhaps some recordings. Yet here is reality again, in its all embracing presence, only instantly to become past while bursting forth as new presence in its steady flow. Can you see time flying?

Now is the eternal dynamic reality. Past and future are only figments in our minds. Now is packed with all that is. It renews constantly. Suspending one's self within the flowing present, watching it fly, is one channel toward peace of mind. For me watching time fly has opened a new depth of appreciation.