Spring Garden 2015

With five eager gardeners this year, there is more growing than ever before.

The view from our recycled bench. Note the renovated solar food dryer in the back on the left and the grape arbour.

Claire and Gail discuss planting details.

Already growing this year, we have lettuce and walking onions,

garlic and chard,


broccoli and parsley.


beets and a kale plant from last year going to seed for next year.

Also growing is an expanding patch of rhubarb and nettle.

Here and there flowers brighten things up.

While they aren't allowed in the garden without supervision, we also have two chickens. Here Ryan is checking in at the chicken tractor.

The cages behind the chicken house protect young apple and pear trees from the deer.

There is much more underway, but that is all the pictures for now. Come to visit and see what it is all growing towards.

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