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The basic inspiration is posted as, "Where Will the Grandchildren Live; An Alternative View of Retirement"

A collection of design criteria for community and construction.

The dedication of our meeting space.

Problems and solutions at the heart of the Eco-Village design.

We Can Do It!


The Lanark Eco-Village (LEV) project site is here.

LEV on FaceBook

Directions to LEV.


Summer - Fall 2022
Summer - Fall 2021
Fall 2020 - Jazz Concert, Chicken Run & Making Lumber
An amazing tree and our new garden shed
Spring 2020 - Maple Syrup, Melting Ice and New Friends
Pond Filling Up
Pond Digging - Fall 2019
Preparing in Summer - Firewood 2019
Spring 2019 - Birds, Plants and Grafting
Winter pond - 2019
Spring 2018 - Livestock &
The New Well
Toward Spring 2018
Summer Kitchen kitchen - Summer Fall 2017
Winter 2016 - 2017
Summer Kitchen Roof
Summer 2016
One Day a Digger Came
Winter 2015 - 16
Moving into Fall 2015
Late Summer 2015
Spring 2015 Gardens
Progress from the year - putting up the Yurt 
Summer 2014
Things are growing
Spring 2014
Moving into Winter
Summer Fall 2013

In a cold climate, if a home was built without a heating system, it would be seen as incomplete. As transport fuels become expensive, a home built without a food supply will be considered incomplete. Such domestic ecosystems can be built for individual homes, for villages, or perhaps even cities. All would benefit from secure local food production."