Spring has sprung

I wish we had a drone with a camera that could fly above our 9000 sq. ft. garden and take a picture of all the beds dug and planted as they are. As it is, it is hard to capture more than small sections at a time. Standing on the table beside the solar food dryer is the best I could do.

Looking East:

Looking West:

While most of the plants we've planted are still small, the lettuce, spinach and onions are early crops:

We started a lot of plants in our lean-to greenhouse. This is the last of them:

Meanwhile the perennials are giving us a wonderful show.

Yellow Day Lilies by the house. The smell was heavenly:



Then this guy showed up outside the garden gate:

Its hard to show the beauty that is all around us here. If you haven't had a chance to visit in the present season, consider coming to our next Open House. Send your email & I'll put you on our announcement list.

The last time pictures were posted, I forgot one that will provide some contrast here. We were doing maple syrup, everything was melting and for the first time in the new year, Gail set our state-of-the-art solar-powered clothes dryer into action:

The barrel is where we stored the maple sap while we were waiting to boil it down. For pictures from the maple syrup operation, check here.